about us

RDSH is a clothing company owned and operated by passionate rock climbers, designed and manufactured locally in the USA by a talented team, and made for people who care about their clothing.

In January 2019, my wife Melody and I opened Goudarzi Garment Factory, a small cut-and-sew clothing manufacturing shop in the Salt Lake area. In the last few years we have built a talented sewing team and have designed and manufactured all different types of clothing for brands both local and out-of-state.

Two years later, In early 2021, Melody and I began to talk about the idea of starting our own clothing brand. Neither of us can tell you who started the conversation but what we can tell you is that we both noticed that we were having trouble finding the same thing: high quality, locally made, athletic clothing. While on the surface there are lots of options for athletic gear, when you dig a little deeper you start to notice that all of the big, popular brands look the same: cheaply made overseas goods, large corporate structures, and huge markups. We wanted something different, something interesting, something that felt a little more personal. Thus, RDSH was born.

While climbing was the inspiration, we aren't exclusive. We make RDSH for every single athlete who GETS AFTER IT while still holding down a day job or going to school. We're not perfect. We're not the best. We're just passionate and we try really, really hard.

All of our clothes are 100% designed, cut, and sewn here in the USA by our talented team.